Sex Therapy

Sex and sexuality plays a role in the lives of everyone. Everything from a clients sexuality, struggle with sex addiction or trauma, a spark to explore other sexual options or helping couples with sex and intimacy are all areas I have helped clients with in my practice. Exploring yourself, your sexuality or what your vision is for a healthy sex life is important. It can also be challenging to speak about; its my job to make it a comfortable environment that allows my clients to reach their goals that they have set out for in this area of their life.


Pre-marital, non-married and married couples.I have assisted in everything from communication, to sexual intimacy, to parenting styles and everything in between. I would like to help the couple find their "shared vision" of their future and assist them in reaching that point in their relationship. I also welcome all couples from the LGBT community!


While conducting individual therapy I have assisted clients in healing in various areas of their lives including, but not limited to: self-esteem, trauma, abuse, depression, stress, OCD, Anxiety Disorders, grief and loss, relationship challenges, life transitions as well as other areas of concern. Some of these challenges can be difficult to face so I focus on going as fast or as slow as the individual is looking for. My goal is to help individuals work through the challenges they are facing and to find peace.